Deputation 2013. Our family in Monterey California.

Thank you for considering a donation towards our ministry in Central Europe or a love gift directly to our family.  It means more than you can imagine.

So, to what can you donate specifically?

The Donate to Hospitality button is directly linked to a Paypal account. Your love gift delivers sustenance to our family and to our ability to provide hospitality to others.  This is not a tax-deductible donation and it is not a solicitation of funds.

  • As prices rise in Europe, monetary gifts into the hospitality account directly help our family to meet monthly expenses. It is a literal love gift and we are deeply grateful.
  • Additionally, we have a steady stream of people in our home; rarely a month goes by without multiple guests.  We love opening our home and believe it is a vital part of reaching people for Christ. Your gift to us through the hospitality account enables us to love this way.
  • Occasionally, we will highlight a focus area. For example, in October we would like to bless the 27 missionary kids on our field with small gifts, like a McDonalds meal or an iTunes gift card.

    Decisions. To Keleti train station? Right? Left? Religion? Government?

Our Central Europe field covers 11 countries all of which endeavor to pioneer new church plants. We praise God for the growth and by faith we believe that just as Jesus multiplied 5 loaves and 2 fish from a little boy’s lunch, he too will provide for the multitudes in Central Europe.  Your tax-deductible donation to our Deputation account becomes part of that miracle.

We have chosen to create a ‘Give My Lunch’ project for our deputation account. We welcome you to direct how the money you give is used:


Walls. The EurAsia Region display at General Assembly 2013.

Give my lunch supports Central Europe ministries that are doing great things for God.

Anti-trafficking projects in Romania and Bulgaria

Feeding programs in Romania, Bulgaria, and Albania

Compassionate ministries in Hungary, Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, and Romania

Coffee House ministries in Scandanavia and Poland

Business as Ministry in Kosova


Jenna being Jenna.

Give my lunch can also be a donation into our deputation account. Our needs are:

College tuition for Lexi. She can receive up to $3,000 for her Freshman year.

Retirement Supplements Aside from 2 years, our employment history is in missions.

Healthcare this is dental and medical expenses for our family of 6.

Vehicle – after our van was stolen last year, we still owe $4,000.

Furniture – when we moved, we donated all of our furniture to the Nazarene family who followed us into Bulgaria. We still need a sleeper couch for guests and 2 school desks for Lydia & Jenna, and a few repair items in our home. $2,000

Conferences & Hungarian language study approximately $3,000 this year.

In Eastern Europe, flowers are a vital display of gratitude. A visitor always brings flower to the hostess.

Regardless of whether you give financially, we do ask that you would pray with and for us as we watch God miraculously meet the immense needs of our field.

With sincere thanks,

Ready for the journey.

Jay and Teanna