When Our Words Are Weaponized

An Invitation to the Church to Choose Justice and Peace Over Polarization PC: Sincerely Media Justice stands half-naked in the upper floor of a church in Copenhagen, Denmark. Peace poses beside her, in an equal state of disarray. Two statues tucked away into relative obscurity — nearly forgotten stones in a church, but they deliver a relevant [...]

Be the Church in the Age of Corona

“The biggest threat of the new coronavirus outbreak has shifted from China to Europe, where large populations of people may have been exposed, according to Dr. Robert Redfield, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).” I live in Europe. Two-thirds of my heart lives in Europe (currently, 4 Sunbergs are in Europe [...]

6 Ways Your Church Can Make a Difference in Anti-Trafficking

The Blue Bird Cafe is tucked into Budapest’s historic Jewish Quarter. It is Euro-whimsical with spirally staircases and bird-infused wallpaper percolating caffeinated warmth. Tourists like its vibe. Locals like its roast. The beat of old-school music can almost erase the memory of the 1940’s when the place of this cafe was a hole of death. [...]

Nobody. The Girl Who Was Thrown Away

For Freedom Sunday | September 22, 2019 Nobody picks me up and swings me around as soon as she sees me. I ask, ‘Are we dancing?’ And she laughs at my question. There is joy in her eyes and I know that she has been waiting for me to come out. I know, because she [...]


“Where ideas have sex.” It’s one of the myriad of edgy stickers on the window, but it grabs my attention as we step through the door. Just inches into this world, I’m breathing different air and wondering what Jesus is saying to me here. Jay and I are visiting a co-working space in the heart [...]

Five Ordinary Ways that Might Put Us On the Path to Peace

Five Ordinary Ways that Might Put Us On the Path to Peace

If I read our cumulative cultural geo-tracker correctly, we are in need of a little rescue. While most of us are unsure how we got here, it seems that we are living in an era of heightened fear and it encompasses an astonishingly broad spectrum of issues. While it is true that fear flows freely, [...]

torn shoes and tuesday nights

torn shoes and tuesday nights

teanna sunberg

Shoes and Tuesday nights – I wish that I could just kick both of them into an unwanted and ignored corner where my soul would find peace because they are unexpected and unwelcome interruptions into my comfortable life. For one, I feel dislike. For the other, I feel desperation.

Tuesday nights are refugee response night and I don’t like Tuesday nights. We gather together from a multitude of geographic locations where we skype into our Hungarian kitchen to discuss the refugee situation across the Balkans. For me, it takes a supreme act of will and courage to sit my body down at that table and listen to those reports.

Covered in my warm blankets, in my cozy house, with a full stomach and girls tucked into corners with homework and a kitchen of dirty dishes waiting for their immersion of hot sudsy water, I experience a disonnance that I hate. From…

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