That Innkeeper | Advent Thoughts

Unfortunately, the story of the advent of Christ into planet Earth is a problematic script in these days of fearing the stranger.

Pregnant Mary | Advent Thoughts

This advent thought is based upon Luke 1:26-38 We belly laugh as we wind through the cobbled streets of Budapest and settle into a little Cajun spot called Soul Food. My colleague who is also an ordained woman has just come from a Christian meeting where she identified as a minister. A man from the [...]


We love it that you would consider giving a gift, especially around the holidays.  There are multiple options for directing where your donation goes. Please scroll down for options & thank you so much from the depths of our hearts ~ jay, teanna & the girls. For donations to our Nazarene Ministry account (tax deductible) [...]

Voices on this Refugee Sunday

It was a muddy and miserable Saturday night. Cold. Rainy. The kind of rain that caresses the earth all through the day and leaves your bones shivering at night. We were in a field that somehow had become the unmarked space between two European countries. They were two countries that two decades earlier had known [...]

Five Ordinary Ways that Might Put Us On the Path to Peace

If I read our cumulative cultural geo-tracker correctly, we are in need of a little rescue. While most of us are unsure how we got here, it seems that we are living in an era of heightened fear and it encompasses an astonishingly broad spectrum of issues. While it is true that fear flows freely, [...]

culture+hospitality || justice+mission || women+ministry it's awkward here, isn't it? you have come to figure out who i am and what i post and why i post it - as if a few words and photos chosen for aesthetic could somehow be fully authentic. let's be honest: you want a peek into my world and i want [...]

hogmanay and halal

The church - a sanctuary where the ones who are not like us find not only welcome but belonging with us.