balkan beautiful

balkan beautiful

It is a journey that many of you will never take. The bone crushing hours, the erratic driving, the diversity of languages and cultures become a challenge for the average tourist. All of this adventure meshes together in a wonderful array that is the Balkan Peninsula. On 10 November, 2014, we set out for a [...]

third space

It is a little odd, really, like God forgets the storyline

balkan beauty

Amidst the goodnight chatter of JJ and Emma preparing for bed, the teeth brushing and the hugs, and the last minutes of coloring a picture crayon red, I post a photo of Sara and I smiling in the Zagreb sunshine.  Jay writes 'Balkan beauties' in the tag line and my heart swells likes the bread [...]

my apologies to martha stewart

HOSPITALITY. It is a table full of sarmali that took hours to wrap and the sweet tang of locally grown elderflower juice, and salata de boeuf with homemade mayonnaise. It is a table made beautiful, not by the money spent on knick knacks, but rather, by the beauty created in spite of a lack of [...]