I am THE refugee: ragtag stories

Peel back our ribs again and stand inside of our chest.                                                                               Skeleton bones stand at the [...]

third space

It is a little odd, really, like God forgets the storyline


I have heard it said that you can live in Hungary without speaking the language. To learn a language is no easy endeavor, this is true. To learn Hungarian, I have come to believe, is a tremendous commitment sprinkled with a bit of insanity. Worth it? Absolutely. For the faint of heart? No. Will I [...]

shades of gray

'Csilla, my hair is orange.' It's not what you expect to say when the towel comes off for the initial unveiling. Nor does one anticipate your 7 year old son answering in the affirmative when you question whether his friend just referred to you as the 'lady with blue hair'. If memory serves correctly, my friend [...]

coming home?

When Alice fell down the rabbit hole, she landed in another world. All of us live that Wonderland moment as we come home to another culture. For almost half of my life, I have been making that once upon a time journey on both sides of the Atlantic. As we jumped from one airport pond to [...]

when missionaries are weird

When we left for Moscow all those years ago, young and carefree and very American, one of our best friends made us promise we would not morph into weird missionaries.  We have tried our best, Mark, to take your advice. Even so, being back in the States rams home the reality that we have changed, a fact that [...]

take and remember

The city beckons to us as the lights create an incandescent dance on the Chain Bridge.  Tonight we will spend a warm evening enveloped into the home of Eugenius and Jurga who have become special friends over the last 18 months.  There is a magic that can happen when people from different cultures find a [...]

to munich with a friend

It is late on Wednesday evening and I have transitioned from coffee to tea. Tonight, I am enjoying Turkish apple while the girls finish their homework. There is a clarinet practice session - level 1 -happening in the background accompanied by the soft hum of the dishwasher. Another line of dirty supper plates are waiting [...]

classroom 101

A few months ago, I promised the English teacher at school that I would take all of her classes while she went on her honeymoon.  I love to teach and I get to have my girls and their friends as students.  Last week was a highlight for me even though it meant I had to [...]

on the danube

2012.  The New Year.  It represents new starts, new resolutions, new beginnings, new rhthyms.  If that is the definition, then our family began 2012 in August when we moved from our home in Bulgaria to Budapest, Hungary.  I imagined that I would blog all the way through the journey, but things rarely work out as [...]