never enough

never enough

And there is something good and right about being honest, I think.

third-culture thoughts

ANOTHER WORLD It wrapped its arms around my head and pulled as the revolving door spit me into its dim realm. As the days and years passed, the not unpleasant but pungently earthy smell would become a reminder that I had left the sphere of one world and entered an inner sanctum; a sub-world, if [...]

waiting for words

Sometimes I mark time with a blinking cursor. Tucked into a quaint corner of the Europe that I love, I ponder what to write. What story could I tell? I wonder how to express this moment that bares down on me like an IC train in full motion. All of my senses are engaged. This [...]

just a little chuckle

Today we sent all 4 girls to volleyball camp right down the street.  Some comments that made me chuckle: Do you speak European? Hungary?  Never heard of it! Do you have electricity there? We may need to think about adding Geography back into the school curriculum. Tune in tomorrow for a new post - got [...]