the tale of a tailor

I picture God with his monocle and his needle, intently stitching away at the embryo. I imagine him working at a feverish pitch, sewing in eyes and ears and creativity and stubbornness into a quirky, unorthodox mosaic that He found amusing. He was gifting this embryo with a reflection of his own image and he [...]

no entry

It begins where many of us would simply not dare to live. It begins with centuries of violence and disputes over political lines and ancient religious differences and deep-seated ethnic divisions. It begins with death on both sides of a border. And a breakaway republic that bravely declares itself its own, regardless of who may [...]

the story of us

Sometimes my 21st century steps merge with the generations that walked before me.  In Europe, one can find those cobblestone streets, those walls of antiquity, those cathedrals of ancient faith and in those moments, I find myself listening for the voices that echo there.  One January morning,  I began a new journey of discovery and [...]