humans and their necks

“For some, war leaves no choice; for others it makes choosing a must. A small gesture can yield irreversible consequences. It can either save a life or ruin it.” (A quote from the Schindler museum) I am angry in Krakow. Always. Angrier than a Christian should be. Angry like I could punch someone. Ball up [...]

esther we are

If not ME then WHO? If not NOW then WHEN? - - monica boseff on taking a stand against the issue of anti-trafficking  


I have a reporter's journal. I take it with me wherever I go with this crazy idea that I am somehow recording and reporting our history in Eastern Europe. Sometimes, a day in the life of a missionary is about recording and reporting and hoping and praying. I will need a new notebook soon because [...]

‘traffik is gra…

'traffik is graffic' How do we change a perspective that sees a person as a commodity? Thank you, Stopthetraffikglobal for the reminder, 'People shouldn't be bought and sold' and for this video, 'that's us. that's we.' Some of us live as consumers. Some of us live as the consumed. The great irony: in the end, all [...]

the making of a prostitute

"The girls made cookies yesterday." Bee tells me this as we chat. 'The girls? Ohhh, THOSE girls.' Hands that have been unwillingly forced to trace the lines of a man's body Wrists that have been tied and bloodied Mouths that have screamed a million unheard screams Eyes that have seen the real live demons housed in humanity Making [...]

When you sell people

When you sell people, you get a bargain. The maintenance is relatively cheap - a human can live and function with remarkably small amounts of cheap food. The product is easily controlled, especially if you own something of theirs. Burning their baby is highly effective, if you let them hear the pitiful screams.  Consider buying as [...]

it is raining babies

She was probably around fifteen the first time I met her at Blessings Church in Bucharest. You know, one of those teens that cause us good church folk to lower our eyes and not stare: a lot of piercings, questionable jewelry choices, black t-shirt, big make-up. One of those lost teens from marginalized homes who suck up [...]

a matter of shoes

Her screams tore through the night pulling us from the peace of our dreams and like dominoes down a corridor, blurry eyes peered around doors to encounter a woman deposited in the middle of the hotel’s corridor, like someone’s bag of trash.  She glared back at us from a defiantly misplaced heap.   “What is [...]

beyond the seminar

I slipped into the air-conditioned comfort of a packed seminar as it was beginning and settled in to hear statistics that I already knew. They were still appalling. Nearly three weeks ago, a plethora of Nazarenes filled a small conference room to hear a good-hearted, Christian man fill our notebooks with statistical information about his [...]


It boils down to a question of economics. Take away the sexiness of the world's hottest new topic. Strip it down to the core engine that drives the machine and your final destination has a price tag. The trafficking of humans for sex, for work, for organs, in the end is just a profitable financial [...]