women who go and tell

And so the story goes. It was a cold and weepy dawn when Mary came. The ancient word does not tell us if the sun rose in golden splendor during that hour, but the tears that Mary wept were enough to shadow the sun. And, I imagine her with that jar of spices that weighed more [...]

just an old conference

They are not miracle workers. They work with prostituted women. They live into the lives of Roma. They pastor families. They carve out Jesus moments in cultures that are post-Christian, post-modern, post-Communist. They move into communities that have all but forgotten that hope still smiles on people like them.  And they blow. They blow the breath [...]

pro nobis monday

Jesus, You know so much about brokenness. My brokenness. And, it is a Monday morning and I'm starting out behind and Satan is telling me all about my sin and my shortcomings. All about how clay is worth nothing. It seems like he knows them better than even I do, Lord. Last night's Johnny's is [...]


Somewhere between Zagreb and Budapest, where the farmers gather the fruits of another year's sweat and tears, there stands a church in the midst of a ripe field. Every ear is straining toward the sun, the heart of each plant bursting in readiness for transition. And in the very midst of this lavish testimony of [...]