something we all need

The unheard melody of honesty dies like the last breath between now and eternity. I open my mouth, but the words will not dance, they will not perform their pretty pirouettes. They are ill-behaved, ill-timed, irreverent. Because nobody likes to admit their need. I am sitting in a neutral coffee zone and meeting with a [...]

humans and their necks

“For some, war leaves no choice; for others it makes choosing a must. A small gesture can yield irreversible consequences. It can either save a life or ruin it.” (A quote from the Schindler museum) I am angry in Krakow. Always. Angrier than a Christian should be. Angry like I could punch someone. Ball up [...]


I have a reporter's journal. I take it with me wherever I go with this crazy idea that I am somehow recording and reporting our history in Eastern Europe. Sometimes, a day in the life of a missionary is about recording and reporting and hoping and praying. I will need a new notebook soon because [...]

‘traffik is gra…

'traffik is graffic' How do we change a perspective that sees a person as a commodity? Thank you, Stopthetraffikglobal for the reminder, 'People shouldn't be bought and sold' and for this video, 'that's us. that's we.' Some of us live as consumers. Some of us live as the consumed. The great irony: in the end, all [...]

the making of a prostitute

"The girls made cookies yesterday." Bee tells me this as we chat. 'The girls? Ohhh, THOSE girls.' Hands that have been unwillingly forced to trace the lines of a man's body Wrists that have been tied and bloodied Mouths that have screamed a million unheard screams Eyes that have seen the real live demons housed in humanity Making [...]

from the heart of sighisoara

Sighisoara is full of tourists this time of year. Dark haired, Italian beauties leaning against ancient Draculesque walls in paparazzi poses. Germans out for a brisk walk.  The Brits snapping photos. It seems that you can find all of Europe snuggled into the arms of this very old, very quaint, quite unassuming Saxon citadel on [...]