girl problems

When you are a missionary at Kidz Camp on the Southwest Ohio District, you hear a lot of funny stuff. My favorite quote this week came from a little dude who was probably 8.  We found him sitting, slouched over with a grumpy face by a light pole. I thought his world had come to [...]

mom’s losing it

mom’s losing it

There is a scene in Cheaper By the Dozen when the 7-year old twins are in search and destroy mode. In her final moments of sanity before her head blows up, the movie-mom who has birthed a dozen says in her final pre-blast off warning, "Mom's losing it." Been there. Done that. Numerous times. Every deputation [...]

weeping linens

Most assuredly,  I come as a huge shock to the scurrying shoppers swooping in to quickly gather up their bounty.  There, in the middle of the linen aisle, I stand, a forlorn woman, weepingly caressing a trendy gray and yellow weave, 400 count, Egyptian cotton sheet set. "You are beautiful." I lament. "Ma'am, do you [...]

when missionaries are weird

When we left for Moscow all those years ago, young and carefree and very American, one of our best friends made us promise we would not morph into weird missionaries.  We have tried our best, Mark, to take your advice. Even so, being back in the States rams home the reality that we have changed, a fact that [...]