a little boy eats chicken salad sandwiches

a little boy eats chicken salad sandwiches

It is 1:30 AM and our bus stops at a petrol station somewhere between Romania and Moldova. The bus is sticky, smothering hot, the bathroom does not work and the seats are cramped. Really cramped. The 'I can't sleep but I'm desperate to,' kind of cramped. The roads swirly zig zag like a scene from [...]

a difficult God

Ever wonder why God has to be so difficult? If anybody has the resources to crush slavery, to end death, to bring peace, certainly it is God. We celebrate His resurrection. His power over sin, His victory over death. This moment in our human framework when Jesus just walked right through Hell's doorway and back into [...]

do you choose to know?

Oblivious? Sometimes ignorance is bliss and sometimes it is not. It really depends upon one's perspective, does it not? Click on the Oblivious? link.  

When you sell people

When you sell people, you get a bargain. The maintenance is relatively cheap - a human can live and function with remarkably small amounts of cheap food. The product is easily controlled, especially if you own something of theirs. Burning their baby is highly effective, if you let them hear the pitiful screams.  Consider buying as [...]

it is raining babies

She was probably around fifteen the first time I met her at Blessings Church in Bucharest. You know, one of those teens that cause us good church folk to lower our eyes and not stare: a lot of piercings, questionable jewelry choices, black t-shirt, big make-up. One of those lost teens from marginalized homes who suck up [...]

real life

The highest commodity on the human market today is a pregnant woman.

birthing freedom sunday

Freedom. It is on my mind like the impending labour pains for a mother to be. Sleep does not soothe, movement does not relieve; one never really gets away from the reality that something significant is happening just beyond our reach. We are in labour today for freedom on this glorious Sunday, 09 March, 2014. I wonder [...]

Hero Hope

The following post comes from an article I wrote that was just published in Engage Magazine. To see the Engage article, go to http://engagemagazine.com/content/ask-missionary-how-have-you-developed Once upon a time, a little slip of a Kansas girl was planted in a rural hiccup between two lakes. She dreamt of slaying dragons on the oceans of a Green [...]