something we all need

The unheard melody of honesty dies like the last breath between now and eternity. I open my mouth, but the words will not dance, they will not perform their pretty pirouettes. They are ill-behaved, ill-timed, irreverent. Because nobody likes to admit their need. I am sitting in a neutral coffee zone and meeting with a [...]

esther we are

If not ME then WHO? If not NOW then WHEN? - - monica boseff on taking a stand against the issue of anti-trafficking  

birthing freedom sunday

Freedom. It is on my mind like the impending labour pains for a mother to be. Sleep does not soothe, movement does not relieve; one never really gets away from the reality that something significant is happening just beyond our reach. We are in labour today for freedom on this glorious Sunday, 09 March, 2014. I wonder [...]