when we have faces – Croatia in Focus

It is a rainy afternoon and I am snapping photos from a little golf cart that tours Krakow, Poland. It has no sides but still shares the busy, traffic-jammed streets with real vehicles, leaving me with a feeling of vulnerability. I shiver and grasp my camera securely. The spring rain still has the bite of winter [...]

the face of God

A few years back, when Gorbachev and Reagan chatted over a wall that fell, the Soviet Union ceased to be and we brought out sketch pads and sharpened our pencils and carved the map of Europe into fields of responsibility for the Church of the Nazarene. We called them things like the CIS, which meant the [...]


I have a reporter's journal. I take it with me wherever I go with this crazy idea that I am somehow recording and reporting our history in Eastern Europe. Sometimes, a day in the life of a missionary is about recording and reporting and hoping and praying. I will need a new notebook soon because [...]

‘traffik is gra…

'traffik is graffic' How do we change a perspective that sees a person as a commodity? Thank you, Stopthetraffikglobal for the reminder, 'People shouldn't be bought and sold' and for this video, 'that's us. that's we.' Some of us live as consumers. Some of us live as the consumed. The great irony: in the end, all [...]

it is raining babies

She was probably around fifteen the first time I met her at Blessings Church in Bucharest. You know, one of those teens that cause us good church folk to lower our eyes and not stare: a lot of piercings, questionable jewelry choices, black t-shirt, big make-up. One of those lost teens from marginalized homes who suck up [...]