how beautiful are the feet
how beautiful are the feet

Soon. Too soon. These feet will carry them far away from the hands that caught them when their feet were learning to walk.

Seniors. Senior girls. Getting ready to face the world.

What do they need to know? What have we forgotten to instill in them? Teach them?

How do we celebrate these last months before they become part of a new world?

Where will they spend their first Thanksgiving?

Will there be money for them to fly home at Christmas?

How will they handle those first moments and months of culture shock, when the country that gave them their passport, the name by which they reference themselves is profoundly foreign?

Packing up your life to go to college on the other side of the ocean is a daunting task, daughter.

What does a missionary mom tell her baby girl while her feet are still planted at home?

Go with Jesus.

Walk with Jesus.

Hold onto Jesus.

Trust Jesus.

Because I cannot be there to walk that road with you. God has planted me here. He is carrying you there. We will trust him together across this wide ocean.

A day in the life of a missionary mom seems to teach me a lot about letting go of the most precious part of my life and trusting her to Jesus.


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