get a ticket


I have learned a million lessons on the metro in my lifetime. It was where I learned to eat an apple including the core and peel a banana – use the stem as a handle.

In the metro, I learned the expectation of quiet respect : nobody talks loudly in such a shared space.

I learned the power of kindness when people gave up their seat to a burgeoning mother to be.

And the sweet place children hold in these amazing cultures was a metro lesson – how many people have given up their seat to my little girls’ dancing legs?

In the metro, I have learned that the earth under our feet has a pungent odor, that skyscraper escalators move very fast, that the edge is not where you want to be, that moving out of the way and pushing ahead are both good attitudes at the proper time.

Listen to the voice that announces your next stop. And, perhaps one of the most important: in order to get where you really want to go, you must know the name of your final destination.

These are incredible life lessons.

Today, I rode the newest line of the Budapest metro and admired its beauty, its efficiency, it cleanliness.

I was thankful for its ability to carry me into the city, where God’s voice seems to always speak powerfully to me through the diversity, the beauty, the creativity, the power and the pain of humanity in motion.

The city is a poet to my heart written by a God who gave me soul. My spirit answers in awe, for every one of these busy lives is being intimately wooed by the God that created them.

May God teach me to see people through his eyes as I endeavor to live missioning.

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