home tonight

This is Nico, the owner Hostel Flensburg, the place we called home last night. He is proof that good people still exist. We pulled into the hostel late, called his number and he actually turned his car around and came back to check us in. Actually, everybody we met at the hostel was incredibly kind. Jay and I came to breakfast in a zombie-like trance. The kitchen lady rescued his forgotten phone, heated a hot pot of badly needed water for tea and poured me an extra strong cup of coffee. Saved my life!

Nico patiently answered my questions and told us that his hostel was like a 4 star hostel. I would agree. If you art traveling in northern Germany, where the sun is clear and the air is bright, Hostel Flensburg works!

As we made that long drive from Krakow yesterday, we listened to The Dawn Treader on CD (thanks Skinner family). Somewhere in their journey, they drank water that seemed like spun sunshine. I feel that way about the air, the sun here today. There is something pure, good, fresh, healthy about this oxygen. I am thinking heavenly thoughts.

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