chestnut fire

IMGP1238Chestnuts roasting.

It means that Autumn is here and winter is coming.

Today, JJ found a precious treasure of chestnuts on the ground as we strolled the sunshine-filled, Zagreb streets. Like a golden treasure chest, unlocked and spilling over, he drew me to a park rich in chestnut fare.


Who knew that sometimes chestnuts crack open on the ground?

Who knew that sometimes the white meat can grow green mold as it ferments in the wet leaves?

Who knew that chestnuts come in a sweet array of brown tones and shades?

I learned so much from a golden haired, adventure filled, warrior of 8 today. He introduced me to the treasureĀ found in sunshine’s castaways, the thrill of digging through the leaves, the rush of dirt and color and chestnut glow.

If the world could remember the wisdom of an 8-year old. the places where we cry loudest would know peace.

IMGP1266Dear Jesus. Right here from the edge of the Balkan Peninsula, teach us to search for you in the broken places. Let us thrill at your presence, seek your touch, and treasure your wisdom revealed through the eyes of a child.

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