Finding Thankful


As Americans find their way to the ballot boxes today, we celebrate the freedom to choose. I am personally compelled and convicted by Susan B. Anthony, who believed that a girl from Kansas growing up in a home governed by one great-grandmother, who later became a mother of 4 girls and an ordained minister, had the right to cast a ballot. I am elated that my daughter, who grew up far from the shores of the U.S. makes her way to the ballot box today and casts her vote for the first time in her life.

I am posting this seemingly disconnected photo of our home in Budapest on the eve of the election. For me, it is a reminder that whatever the outcome of the next 24 hours, we have much to celebrate.

I had the joy and the plenty to bake monkey-bread for my girls and to enjoy a cup of coffee in my comfortable home this morning. Even these acts, my acts, represent choices that affect others. What hands picked my coffee beans and what or how much did their income provide for another family? What did their table on the other side of the planet look like this morning?

As Americans, we have a great responsibility to make choices that provide well; environmentally, economically, peacefully, and equitably for our neighbor. While a president, a cabinet, and a government write and pass the laws, it is the will of the people that pushes their pens. Let us push for laws that are just for all.

Soon, a very imperfect person will celebrate a victory and the right to lead our nation. However, it is you and I who choose how we walk, as a united people, through the next 4 years. Let us walk and let us speak with righteousness and mercy.

Today, I find that I am thankful – thankful for the power of our voices to speak freedom and to speak peace into our world. Thankful for democracy and the right to cast a vote without fear of retribution. Thankful that as a people, we gather together at a ballot box to exercise our right, as individuals and as a nation, to choose.

May each of us stand for freedom in our words and in our actions. May we receive the next president with a unity of grace. And, may we choose to be thankful for what tomorrow holds for all of us as a family, as a people, and as a nation.




One thought on “Finding Thankful

  1. HI Teanna,

    I am thankful, too. I did not vote for the man who won. I voted for the Libertarian. But, even though he did not win, I am still a daughter of the King of kings. The identity I have has not altered. The people who are children of the Most High God are still His. The prayers we have will continue to flow to His throne. Therefore, I give praise to the Lord God Almighty. He is awesome in might and deed. Glory to God in the highest. Peace on Earth, good will to all men.

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