A God Who Calls Women to Pastor

It is Friday afternoon and my 14-year old folds her tall frame into the passenger seat.  “Mom, I am so angry.” Uh-oh. My mother’s heart braces for teen-age trouble.

“Today in class, Mr. X. said that women cannot be pastors because they are inferior to men. And Mom, when I told him I think God has equipped women to be or to do anything that God calls them to, including pastor, he told me I was wrong and that my perspective was unbiblical.”

As third-culture kids, our four girls have spent their lives in mixed culture, mixed denominational, mixed theological settings.

They are well-schooled in the fact that many Christians, some that we call close friends,  disagree with our Wesleyan stance on women in ministry. We are learning to inhabit space where we are obedient to God’s call yet respectful of other opinions. This is healthy.  But Mr. X crossed a line with his blanket statement that left no room for conversation and no respect for women.This article was published on The Junia Project and ranked as their top post in 2017.    Follow this link to read the rest of the article and join The Junia

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