As a couple, we have a global Nazarene calling to the Central Europe countries and a personal call to live cross culturally for Jesus. Our call is tied to your call so that as a church and as individuals, we need each other to fully fulfill this beautiful mission.
We are called to go. You are called to send us. Together, we carry Jesus into broken places and find Him already there, we resource leaders, young and old, men and women, whom God is calling for ministry, we respond to disasters and speak Christ’s peace in the midst of turmoil, we seek to live transformed lives and we love. We are thankful for WEF which supports most of our basic needs on the mission field.

Deputation builds upon that base to extend the direct support to us in areas like insurance, vehicles, furniture and technology, education assistance, retirement and conferences. When you donate to our tax deductible Nazarene Deputation account, you significantly extend what we are able to do in mission and ministry as Field Strategy Coordinators for Central Europe with the Church of the Nazarene.

If you would like to give a personal gift that goes directly to our family:

  • click here to donate via  Paypal
  • send a check for Jay or Teanna Sunberg to our daughter Lydia’s address: Lydia Sunberg | PLNU | 3900 Lomaland Dr. | San Diego, CA | 92106
  • donate frequent flier miles (like gold when your girls live an ocean away)
  • email TSunberg@me.com for options like direct routing to our bank account

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