I am THE refugee: ragtag stories

Peel back our ribs again and stand inside of our chest.                                                                               Skeleton bones stand at the [...]

Three Great Reasons To Reject Refugees (and Starbucks)

Three Great Reasons To Reject Refugees (and Starbucks)

https://www.flickr.com/photos/121448272@N02/shares/9CFR5N Just as the  Starbucks fiasco about those blasted red mugs began to cool, Paris exploded. The Middle Eastern Refugee Crisis came barreling back. This post began as a satirical piece about the red mugs and the refugee crisis and radical Jesus, but with the division in our world right now, I did some editing.  The last thing [...]

six ways your church can make a difference in anti-trafficking

six ways your church can make a difference in anti-trafficking

If the story of the current 32 million slaves in the world does not move you, neither would any other plea from humanity.

something we all need

The unheard melody of honesty dies like the last breath between now and eternity. I open my mouth, but the words will not dance, they will not perform their pretty pirouettes. They are ill-behaved, ill-timed, irreverent. Because nobody likes to admit their need. I am sitting in a neutral coffee zone and meeting with a [...]

5 practical ways to grow your church

5 practical ways to grow your church

In the Synagogue's museum, there is a photo of a Jewish man and boy behind a fence in the Ghetto. A sign reads, 'No Christians beyond this point.' The irony of that sign punched me in the stomach yesterday, because, if there is anywhere the Body of Christ should be, it is beyond that point, [...]

the conflict that kills

I pulled the words from a locked room and made them speak in Hungarian, sticking my phone in his face.

esther we are

If not ME then WHO? If not NOW then WHEN? - - monica boseff on taking a stand against the issue of anti-trafficking  

stupid literature

I didn't want to do it, but I watched it because my 13-year old said that I must. I made the mistake of taking her to Auschwitz. Then, she wanted to watch The Boy in Striped Pyjamas. I didn't think I should teach a class in literature but God seemed to push in that direction. Now [...]

tiger mom

The clouds let go of a gush of tears as my baby left the car tonight. My wipers worked their rhythmic magic, a pulsating synchronization of my mother's heart. In a few short months, she will leave for college. What is this ripping of ligament from bone that slashes at my tiger soul? It is [...]