Some days I sit at this 5:30 AM screen and I stare at the blinking cursor. There is so much clamoring within me to get out, to speak. "You are not ready ... yet," I say. "Wait a while. Today is not your day." And sometimes I cannot make the words behave. I fear that [...]

third space

It is a little odd, really, like God forgets the storyline

the tale of a tailor

I picture God with his monocle and his needle, intently stitching away at the embryo. I imagine him working at a feverish pitch, sewing in eyes and ears and creativity and stubbornness into a quirky, unorthodox mosaic that He found amusing. He was gifting this embryo with a reflection of his own image and he [...]

silent beauty

There is a soft murmur of bed time voices mingling with the pitter patter of an autumn shower in this dark house tonight. After an eventful day in two separate countries, God has brought us home again. Sometimes we forget to be thankful for the simple things. In these days of tight budgets and busy [...]