silent beauty

IMGP8726There is a soft murmur of bed time voices mingling with the pitter patter of an autumn shower in this dark house tonight. After an eventful day in two separate countries, God has brought us home again.

Sometimes we forget to be thankful for the simple things.

In these days of tight budgets and busy schedules, it was the autumn hues of a twilighting summer that made a lasting impression upon me today. In one glorious moment with breath caught on a sigh, Jay reminded me that this is nature’s final burst of glory before slumber. It is as if God scooped up all of his many oils and lavishly dropped them on his final pre-winter canvas.

God, the Artist, hunched over his canvas of glory. Can you picture it?

IMGP3801Tight budgets teach us creativity in cooking. Busy days become the sweet melody of cozy evenings together again. Soft rain playfully merges into the crescendo of a breathtaking light show in the midnight skies.

And Autumn glory reminds us of an easel and a Painter tucked into a corner of a heaven that is ablaze in glowing colors.

The voices? They are silent now. Sweet slumber has come.

And the Painter? He watches over all of us, his most glorious creation, just as a mother watches through the midnight hours, measuring beauty in the sweet ebb and flow of her infant’s chest.




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