return to paris

We stand at the edge of the Eiffel Tower and its noble heights remind us that we have passed this way before. Before there were girls and hair bows and makeup and purses, there was simply a boy and a girl on a journey.   And he said to her, ‘Let’s wait to climb this [...]

no heroes tonight

I think that I could capture you in this season of blinking lights and I'll be home for Christmas promises. My fingers flutter above the keys as my mind stretches to capture a flittering thought, a sentence, a heartbeat in a phrase.  Writers do it all the time but I am sure that our weary world [...]


We want to thank you for traveling with us this weekend to Polznan, Poland. We are home now with our precious girls who also had a very full weekend. A little later today, we will be writing another blog about Poznan and missionary life. One of the challenges to this weekend's plan was a fussy [...]

shades of gray

'Csilla, my hair is orange.' It's not what you expect to say when the towel comes off for the initial unveiling. Nor does one anticipate your 7 year old son answering in the affirmative when you question whether his friend just referred to you as the 'lady with blue hair'. If memory serves correctly, my friend [...]

mom’s losing it

mom’s losing it

There is a scene in Cheaper By the Dozen when the 7-year old twins are in search and destroy mode. In her final moments of sanity before her head blows up, the movie-mom who has birthed a dozen says in her final pre-blast off warning, "Mom's losing it." Been there. Done that. Numerous times. Every deputation [...]

an ordinary missionary on furlough

Let's be honest.  If someone asked, 'What does a missionary do?', most of us would dig deep and mumble something about learning languages and telling people about Jesus and smile that please-don't-ask-me-more-cause-that's-all-I've-got grin.  The real truth is that most of us are not exactly sure what a missionary does and we are even more confused about [...]

the real story on being an mk

The road on furlough can sometimes be exhausting. It is not always the respecter of age nor is it terribly concerned with yesterday's equally hectic schedule. Today and tomorrow are such days. We traveled and did two services on Sunday, arriving at the hotel at 11at night. This morning,we were up by 6 for meetings [...]

on furlough

'It smells like America.' 'Everything is made for a mobile society.' 'It looks so different from Hungary.' These are some of the comments we have been hearing as we ease back in to American life. I have always wanted to capture these moments, but in the past with little girls, it took everything we had [...]

on the danube

2012.  The New Year.  It represents new starts, new resolutions, new beginnings, new rhthyms.  If that is the definition, then our family began 2012 in August when we moved from our home in Bulgaria to Budapest, Hungary.  I imagined that I would blog all the way through the journey, but things rarely work out as [...]