on furlough

‘It smells like America.’
‘Everything is made for a mobile society.’
‘It looks so different from Hungary.’

These are some of the comments we have been hearing as we ease back in to American life. I have always wanted to capture these moments, but in the past with little girls, it took everything we had to just keep everybody sane and relatively clean. Now that the girls are a bit older, it is little easier to find that moment to write a blog.

These feelings and emotions, so unique to third-culture people in the early stages of re-entry, are overwhelming. Where do I start? How can I ever really relay what we experience?

Today is Father’s Day and our 23rd wedding anniversary. It is also our first furlough service as a family for this 2013 deputation. Jay has been here for 10 days, so we are happy to be re-united. It as been hard to find a way to make these two important celebrations special while on the road. We opted for a stop at Dairy Queen where we surprised Jay with gifts. For furlough families, I think it is this sense of homelessness that can be at times challenging and at other times adventurous.

This morning, we held a service in the West Carrollton church but there was then 3 hours of downtime until the Harrison service tonight. Sometimes those middle Sunday afternoon hours can be long. How do you make a 40 minute journey into a 3 hour trip? Eventually, we set the girls loose with walkie talkies near the church and told them to ‘go exploring.’

Tonight after the service, it is a 2 hour drive to Indianapolis. Meetings begins bright and early on Monday morning.

For those of you coming to General Assembly, please find us at the EurAsia exhibit.
For those of you who want to GIVE YOUR LUNCH to enable us to continue the fight against HUMAN TRAFFICKING and resourcing our Roma ministries, please go to web.nazarene.org/goto/JTSunberg

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