20131003-232728.jpgAfter all of the excitement of Poland and a prayer of thanks because airplanes really can stay in the air and then miraculously and safely land on solid ground, we are home.

Funny; home seems bigger than a house on a street. Places and people easily take root. Though our bodies are in Budapest, a piece of our heart reaches backward to grasp that embrace of belonging found in Sweet Surrender Poznan. This is the very thing that we hope for each time Sweet Surrender’s bell rings over the door and somebody responds ‘Zheen dobray’ to a weary sojourner in need of strong coffee. 

Knowing that you belong is powerful. More powerful still is the witness of the Holy Spirit, “Find me here. You belong to me.”

In Central and Southeastern Europe, perhaps nothing speaks stronger than unity. It is unity that we find at table. It is unity that we find over the cup and the meal. Out of the importance of unity grows a necessity for hospitality, where the guest is elevated and served and celebrated.

And while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. He poured out his blood and he gave his body; the bread, which was broken for us. How humbling to be the recipient, the undeserving guest, of such a lavish gift.

Jesus. He is the extravagant host who celebrates every time the bell over the door rings; another weary sojourner has found where they belong.

Sweet Surrender. It is like coming home.

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