train hopping

Arriving at the Keleti station this morning

10:30. Cold night. Our breath swirls in crystalized, fanciful designs. 

The icy air dances as we glimpse another, colder, harsher world. A conductor rattles into the train station and kicks out a daddy and his children looking for a warm night. I feel helpless. Sad. “Mommy. Where will they go?”

I’ve lived this mommy life long enough to know that I should have an answer. I’ve lived this Eastern European life long enough to know that I don’t. A shrug is impotent to wipe the furrowed brow from my 11 year old’s forehead. It is impotent to change the reality of a daddy and his kids searching for home. Where is their mommy?

Keleti Station
Train barriers.

A piercing whistle and our night train breaks the barrier between arrival and departure.

Quick hugs for Roberta. All aboard. We are journeyers again.

Two girls to each parent. Split family. Different compartments. Beds made quickly in the hush and dark of an already sleeping stranger who is our cabin-mate for the night.

Toss and turn. Roll and rock. Passports in two different languages that I barely speak in groggy tones.

And then, Keleti Station. We are home. 

The sign welcomes us to our sweet home in Budapest

Jesus knows my wandering heart, I think. He is always beckoning to me for a good meal of his Word, a long rest in his arms, and ageless wisdom that I cannot conjure on my own.

Important information for the journey


5 thoughts on “train hopping

  1. I don’t think it’s such a big deal that you don’t have answers–an 11-year old will learn soon enough that there are more questions than answers in life. The big deal is that an 11-year old asks the questions. Eventually she’ll work out some of the answers, but sometimes asking is enough.

    Love your blog!

    Andy Bennett

  2. Powerful writing – passionate. I can almost reach out and touch the scene. So many hurting people in the world and a God who loves us all. Blessings as you minister in Christ’s name!

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