Some days I sit at this 5:30 AM screen and I stare at the blinking cursor. There is so much clamoring within me to get out, to speak. "You are not ready ... yet," I say. "Wait a while. Today is not your day." And sometimes I cannot make the words behave. I fear that [...]

Balkan beautiful

We are exploring Macedonia today. The seaside village of Lake Ohrid is in Macedonia and near to Albania. It has a beautiful, untouched, Balkan flavor that invites you to relish the Creator's touch. Some facts about Macedonia: 1. Population +2 million. 33% Muslim. Major religion Orthodox Christianity. 2. They use the Cyrillic alphabet and speak [...]


The fog is thick here in the hug of the Carpathian mountains. Heavy. Like the snow that charms an inky night with its shushing lullaby to the arctic wind. On this day, we shepherd an array of children through the mud caked paths that have been loosely coined streets. Slick and chocolatey, our feet fail [...]

train hopping

10:30. Cold night. Our breath swirls in crystalized, fanciful designs.  The icy air dances as we glimpse another, colder, harsher world. A conductor rattles into the train station and kicks out a daddy and his children looking for a warm night. I feel helpless. Sad. "Mommy. Where will they go?" I've lived this mommy life [...]

viscri, romania

A few photos from our beautiful day in Viscri, Romania.      

Roberta met us in the early morning at the train. The air was frosty and the landscape seemed very magical as we departed. Most travelers will continue on for another 6 hours to Bucharesti. We are happily ensconced in Dorothy's home. Coffee, toast, cereal, good company and a game or two of Bananagrams already accomplished. [...]

come on to Zagreb!

It is time for another trip. Zagreb, Croatia. Dave and Betsy, put on the coffee. No need to pack your bags. It is a short, 3-hour drive from Budapest. Grab a drink and a snack for the ride, your passport, and let's go. We will be seeing Dave and Betsy Scott and their sweet cherubs JJ [...]


We want to thank you for traveling with us this weekend to Polznan, Poland. We are home now with our precious girls who also had a very full weekend. A little later today, we will be writing another blog about Poznan and missionary life. One of the challenges to this weekend's plan was a fussy [...]

coming home?

When Alice fell down the rabbit hole, she landed in another world. All of us live that Wonderland moment as we come home to another culture. For almost half of my life, I have been making that once upon a time journey on both sides of the Atlantic. As we jumped from one airport pond to [...]

time stands still

time stands still

Sometimes yesterday seems to catch up and merge with today. Combines. Tractors. Rolling wheat fields. Beautiful golden yellow treasures of time stored for future generations to wonder. Time stands still and runs toward tomorrow. From the big city to the deep, rolling wheat farms of Washington, this is our last week in the States.