powerful conversations

inside the church

Voices. Yours. Mine. Ours. What do we say, think, believe about issues, ideas, events that shape our life and how we live this journey? It could be a powerful conversation.

Would you take a moment to complete this quick poll? We would love to know where you would like to take the conversation.

A place to chat.

A God who pursues? A God who endeavors to catch my attention? A God who cares if I know his name? Is it worth discussing?

The Superbowl this weekend will bring a dramatic and tragic increase in the trafficking of women. Is it worth discussing?

Kiev. Riots. Protests. Death. A country in turmoil. Is it worth discussing?

First time visitor to this blog or repeat guest, what would you like to read here?

Finally, please help us understand why you visit this blog. The poll has an other option: please leave directive comments there for improving, topic ideas, or anything else you might want to say.

4 thoughts on “powerful conversations

  1. Your blog is great and I enjoy all of the things you write about. I hope you always keep personal stories a part of your writing. That will definitely keep me coming back! Mission is priority, of course, but our missionaries are very special and I love hearing about their lives and experiences as they present the gospel in other areas of the world.

  2. Teanna You really take us right to the mission field. It tears at my heart to read of the human trafficking, we need to be aware and to pray for all concerned. Thanks for sharing your family, your work, your commitment, your struggles and your blessings with us.Your girls are getting an education that most of the world doesn’t even know about. They are blessed with Godly parents that will influence the all their lives. We are so blessed to call you are friends. Know that you all continue to be in our thoughts and prayers. We love you and look forward to seeing you soon. Dixie

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