practical grace

Mug shot
our home

Maybe our home is small but it is full of love. Too often messy but a testimony to the chaos of life and love with active girls, a wayward puppy, and the journey that the Lord has laid before us. Let’s be honest, we lead unique lives and by unique, I may mean unpredictable, full, fun, stressful, nomadic, blessed. Truthfully, we would not have it any other way.

winter in Budapest
The Sunberg Bed and Breakfast
Our entryway – welcome everybody.
Guests welcome here

The month of February sees us preparing for mammoth hospitality. Sometimes, we jokingly call our home the Sunberg Bed and Breakfast but over the next several weeks, all extra beds are full and the girls are pitching tents on the floor.

When people imagine what a missionary day looks like, hospitality may or may not be at the top of the list. But it is a rich part of how Jesus will meet us today. The lessons we have learned from giving and receiving hospitality are priceless. During the month of love, we will be delving into the idea of hospitality. You might be surprised at what we find. Keep checking in.

And if you are looking for a practical way to contribute to the missionary effort:

1.  Pray for stamina and that we might be filled with hearts to serve

2.  Partner with us in a practical way. The donate to hospitality button on the right sidebar helps with hospitality expenses. Your love gift becomes available immediately and will be an amazing February blessing.  Please note that this is NOT a tax-deductible gift.

cup of coffee
a cup of coffee to begin the morning? Sweet Surrender in Poznan

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