lazarus dancing


Danube shoes
i wanna see Lazarus dance

All of us want to see Lazarus dancing

On June 14, our family begins a journey that will last until August. We will be continuously on the road : from our home in Budapest to Romania to Bulgaria to Moldova to Poland, to Denmark, back to Hungary, back to Bulgaria, and then home to Hungary again. Six weeks of car, train, and bus travel – no airplanes. 

It is not vacation. 

But, we will dance. We will dance with Lazarus.


see it

So, come.

Come and see.

Come and see what Jesus does in Central Europe where the Church fries fish and feeds sheep.

~ roma ~ prostitution ~ prejudice ~ religions ~ poverty ~ illiteracy ~ addiction ~ orphans ~  marginalized ~

We want you to come with us, see photos, hear stories, dance with Lazarus, so please click on the RSS feed to get automatic updates and dance.

SCHEDULE for next week:

JUNE 14     depart Budapest for Sighisoara, Romania (8 hour drive)

JUNE 15      worship in Sighisoara Church of the Nazarene

JUNE 16      travel to Bucharest, Romania (5 hour drive)

pick up Trevecca Nazarene University students in Bucharest

travel to Razgrad, Bulgaria (3 hours)

June 17       the Black Sea (Varna, Bulgaria)

June 19       travel back to Bucharest / visit The Open Door

June 20       travel to Sighisoara (5 hours)

June 23       travel to Chishenau, Moldova (12 hours)

June 24       Theology Class : Scripture in Context

June 30        Depart for Poland

One thought on “lazarus dancing

  1. Да,това не е ваканция……но ще завърши със ваканция

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