Border stories … thoughts on refugees

Maybe God is penning a comedy up there?

Questions you might be asking about the Refugee Crisis in Europe

Questions you might be asking about the Refugee Crisis in Europe

Maybe no one imagined that the Middle East would come like this. Nobody dreamed of babies being born at borders or toddlers walking kilometers or tens of thousands of families sleeping in the open air. Who could have looked at that Hungarian barbed-wire fence and foreseen a heaving flow of people from Syria, from Iran, from Eritrea, [...]

thoughts from the border

This post will be short because I am exhausted, but I just have to write. I just have to tell the story. I simply am not sure which story to tell. I could tell you that at the catching point, which is Roszke on the Hungarian / Serbian border today, I was overwhelmed by the [...]

dear john – no trespassing

   Dear John. I arrived at the rescue house last night and it was full of girls, like me. Some older. Some younger. But, all of them wear the 'for sale' sign in their eyes. We don't shed our price tags easily.  You never asked me how old I am. 15. Do you remember 15?  [...]


The last rays of summer have snuck into our autumn room, like a 3-year old who refuses to go to bed. We know that she should not be here, it is past her bedtime, but who can resist the temptation to laugh at her antics? I sit on our morning balcony, raise my face to [...]

a room with strangers

It is past midnight and I am tucked into a bed in a Krakow hostel called 'One World'. There are 9 beds and our family fills 6 of them. There are 3 strangers sleeping in the remaining beds. This is a stretch, even for me and I am pretty stretchy. Diversity. God is amazing. And [...]