Finding Jesus

We are looking for Jesus this weekend. Searching for him, scanning the crowds for his face, straining to hear his voice. We believe that he is there in Idomeni, Greece. We believe that he is in the camps in Macedonia, and Serbia. Do you?

On Thursday, part of the NCM Refugee Response Team will pile a few bodies and backpacks into a van and begin a 5-day trip that takes us from Hungary, to Serbia, to the Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia, and into Greece. Our goal is to meet with evangelical pastors responding to the refugee situation on the Balkan Highway. Our goal is to volunteer in at least 3 camps and visit 2 more. Our goal is to be Jesus – to do what he would do amidst 36,000 refugees or maybe it really is to find Him. Remember Matthew’s story? ‘When you do it to the least of these, you do it to me.’

But Jesus caked in mud and shivering from 15 days at a border without a tent? Can we find Jesus in that condition? And, if we do – somebody tell us, please, how we should respond.

We believe that there is a Church Body out there who is engaged with us in this unfolding humanitarian crisis. It is to you that we will be tweeting, posting on Facebook, and blogging here. There will be no finely sequenced video or carefully worded blog posts. Please follow our raw updates. Watch for #balkanhighway and #courageforthejourney

We truly do not know what we will find. More importantly, we do not know how God will choose to change us. Please pray for us that we are willing. Pray for our hearts to be vulnerable and available. Pray that we can be wise and compassionate. Pray that he leads us in how to help.

You can pray for us over the next 5 days. Really pray. Please.

You can give via an NCM link. We have budgets made for refugee response in Croatia and Serbia where we already have ministry happening. We know that we will encounter overwhelming needs this week in Macedonia and Greece. We believe that Albania may become a crisis point. If you want to give, this NCM link is dedicated completely to NCM-Central Europe Refugee Response. 100% of what you give goes directly to refugees in the Balkans and our response.

I want to give to help the refugee response in Central Europe

Let the journey begin.


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