torn shoes and tuesday nights

torn shoes and tuesday nights

And as fear grows, it scoots compassion to the edge of a great cavern called Safety.

what you might not expect from a refugee 

Just getting home after a round trip to Romania. A lot of hours in the car but so worth it to visit a family that is very dear to us. They are in transition after months of waiting at the Greek border. It was so amazing to sit and talk and see their sweet kids. [...]

finding your way home

The snow fell in the Northern part of Greece as the Yazzidi camp in the mountains closed. 1,650 people, more than half of them children, have been divided and transported to other camps that are winterized. Can you imagine the feelings? Mourning. These people have been together for almost a year, becoming a community together. [...]

With Aleppo

I woke up this morning with Aleppo on my mind. The question skittering through the sleepy recesses of my brain was, 'When the bombs drop and the last hospital has been destroyed, where do you turn when someone you love, or a complete stranger, or your grumpy neighbor lays bleeding?' You see, I'm struggling this season. I [...]

when war takes our words

When war leaves us with no words

We Need A Shepherd Not a Smuggler

I found the boys climbing on the cattle gate that is commonly used to control people movements here on the Balkan Highway.   It was right after the dinner distribution and I had muttered more than 300 times, "A-salaam A-lay-kum" in an awkward accent to people with a bowl of soup and a piece of bread [...]

children in the midst of war

Story He was a 16 year-old Syrian boy in an adult body. The only telltale sign of his youth and vulnerability were the tears that came easily to his eyes. His Uncle, Muhammad, told the story and as he did, he warned that the tears would come. ‘Any time you talk of his family, the [...]