finding your way home

Photo of Petra Olympus camp covered in snow. PC Chelsea Kenney

The snow fell in the Northern part of Greece as the Yazzidi camp in the mountains closed. 1,650 people, more than half of them children, have been divided and transported to other camps that are winterized. Can you imagine the feelings?

Mourning. These people have been together for almost a year, becoming a community together. Suddenly they are separated with virtually no way to stay connected physically.

Relief. As the temperatures dropped, their tents, many of which were camping tents or thin canvas were offering little protection from the cold. People were starting fires inside the tent to stay manage the cold.

Hopelessness. For most of these people, they still have a long wait ahead before they can be interviewed and placed somewhere that they can call home. The activity of rebuilding their lives is still far in the distance.

Today, we are taking a trip to Romania where we will be meeting with a family that has become very dear to us. After months of waiting in Greece, after life in a tent, after giving birth on a border, they have been placed in temporary housing in a Romanian camp. We’ll travel there today to bring them a taste of their first Christmas season, to check-up on them, and to fellowship together. Photos are coming.

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