The Word slipped into skin and moved into our neighborhood

Like so many of others, I am thinking about gifts this season. The gifts that I still need to magically find, maybe even the gifts that I might get. I love giviing gifts. And, I’ll be honest, I love getting them too.

This week, we were in Germany for meetings with people from across our region – a lot of reporting and a lot of strategy development. In hearing their narratives, I was constantly aware of the gifts that God has given us – people from across the world that become family, challenges that keep us sharp, good coffee (it is Germany, after all), the astounding beauty of God’s creation.

The beautiful opportunity to worship together, to soak in good teaching, to pray together and to be prayed for.

On a walk in the winter woods, we found this little cairn constructed by someone as the river raged behind it. I wonder about the prayer of that person? Did they know the ancient history of placing stones together as a reminder, as an anthem, of what God has done and continues to do, of his faithfulness and of the faith that he will and does answer prayer?


We are looking for ways to say thank you – thank you to God for his faithful guidance, his protection, his blessings.

And, thank you to you – if you have been travelling with us via this blog, if you share posts – thank you. If you donate, via the buttons on the right – a heartfelt thank you.

When you use the ‘donate to family’ button

We want you to know that when you used thedonate to familybutton [right over there on the right side of the page] over the last month – we were able to

  • help buy gifts for a family in need
  • buy honey from a pastor who keeps bees as a means of supporting his family bi-vocationally
  • contribute to hosting 27 people in our home for a Thanksgiving meal and weekend
  • treat co-ministry families to coffees or to meals

Your ‘donate to family‘ gifts directly blessed our family as well. We are able to freely use these funds for anything we need because it is a gift to us personally. Sometimes we

  • supplement our monthly grocery budget
  • or use it for the bigger ticket but necessary clothing items
  • or to pay unexpected doctor bills, like Jenna’s collarbone.

These past 2 months, this resource has been a huge, huge blessing in times of need.  So, thank you !

This week, Lexi comes home from Trevecca, the 3 high school girls begin exams, Teanna will turn in a manuscript for a book, and Jay officially finishes all of the FSC meetings/field travel responsibilities and begins to spend time with his family at home. 

It is Christmas and we are so excited. Watch for more photos, more stories, and more ways that we can say thank you as well as discovering how God is faithfully at work in our lives and ministry. 

Merry Christmas ~ the Sunbergs

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