Like so many of others, I am thinking about gifts this season. The gifts that I still need to magically find, maybe even the gifts that I might get. I love giviing gifts. And, I'll be honest, I love getting them too. This week, we were in Germany for meetings with people from across our [...]

Jewish Quarter Budapest

As we weave through the streets of Budapest, the menorah catches my eye - a beautiful green that has been re-figured into a door. The breath fights to escape the prison of my throat for the symbolism there. Ancient reminders of a 20th century truth - we are the doorway for the next generation, we [...]



PAUSESaturday morning dawns like a secret weapon in the middle of a heartstopping video game. Here at the completion of a whirlwind 9 day journey that left 3 sweet girls waiting at home and 1 young woman starting a new life across the ocean, with the bank account at zero and the school year set [...]

dancing shadow people

I wore a terracotta skirt to the Tenabrae service. The long, flowing, Bohemian kind. The room was dark and the candles were lit and the shadows they made waltzed in the room. The people were quiet and the scriptures were read and the voices they cried were from another Garden. A night that reminds us [...]

just an old conference

They are not miracle workers. They work with prostituted women. They live into the lives of Roma. They pastor families. They carve out Jesus moments in cultures that are post-Christian, post-modern, post-Communist. They move into communities that have all but forgotten that hope still smiles on people like them.  And they blow. They blow the breath [...]

a day in the life of …

'What in the world do missionaries do?' A difficult question to answer.   To some, missionary is a four-letter word. For others, it is one gigantic mystery: one of those words that we know by Webster definition but beyond that, we have no real context for understanding. Sure, if we are the church-going type, we know [...]

tenacious love

Our community recently suffered a tragic, tragic loss. The following are but words, but words that flow out of sorrow in death and tenacious hope birthed in community that is grounded in our faith. To the One who taught us how to live brokenly whole. a mother heaves and shrieks and groans into being life that [...]