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Voices on this Refugee Sunday

It was a muddy and miserable Saturday night. Cold. Rainy. The kind of rain that caresses the earth all through the day and leaves your bones shivering at night. We were in a field that somehow had become the unmarked space between two European countries. They were two countries that two decades earlier had known [...]

culture+hospitality || justice+mission || women+ministry it's awkward here, isn't it? you have come to figure out who i am and what i post and why i post it - as if a few words and photos chosen for aesthetic could somehow be fully authentic. let's be honest: you want a peek into my world and i want [...]

A God Who Calls Women to Pastor

It is Friday afternoon and my 14-year old folds her tall frame into the passenger seat.  “Mom, I am so angry.” Uh-oh. My mother’s heart braces for teen-age trouble. “Today in class, Mr. X. said that women cannot be pastors because they are inferior to men. And Mom, when I told him I think God has [...]


The streets of Sofia are uncharacteristically quiet this Good Friday morning. There is the occasional car, the steady whiz of a city bus, the sporadic pace of a pedestrian, but the city is walking this day in a reverent kind of hush. Even the bright and glorious Thursday sunshine has dimmed her brilliance to a [...]

seeking sanctuary

seeking sanctuary

Truthfully, you cannot nod your head as the US responds to blast a chemical plant in Syria without also recognizing that the reason Syrian people began to flee 2 years ago was a valid one. Perhaps now we understand a little better? I met the kids you see pictured here in the distance during one [...]

Jesus, a Middle Eastern Refugee and What That Means for Me

Here on this cold Saturday morning, I'm scrolling through sunny June photos and remembering last summer's fun days. Found this super cute memory of a tourist day in Thessaloniki with our friends and their sweet kiddos. Aren't Lilly and Abe adorable? See the green tote that Abe is carrying? We had just given him that - [...]