snow stories

The snow has begun to fall transforming Budapest yet again. Gone are the colorful, ever-bustling Christmas Markets. Today, the snow blankets the city in a cozy winter white. The ice floating down the Danube has made world news and is trending on #Budapest

The Sunberg B&B

We call it the Sunberg B&B, Grand-Central Station, and home. Too often messy, frequently full of beautiful chaos, and yes, sometimes even conflict. Life in the midst of this yellow, terra-cotta roofed house on the edge of Budapest is full. Very full. The past few months, we have been bursting at the seams as our [...]

I am THE refugee: Courage for the Journey

What happens when we meet a woman wrapped in a hijab and her name means Peace?

thoughts from the border

This post will be short because I am exhausted, but I just have to write. I just have to tell the story. I simply am not sure which story to tell. I could tell you that at the catching point, which is Roszke on the Hungarian / Serbian border today, I was overwhelmed by the [...]

the world waits in budapest’s keleti train station

In Syria, we are looking for a place where we won't die.

six ways your church can make a difference in anti-trafficking

If the story of the current 32 million slaves in the world does not move you, neither would any other plea from humanity.