The Sunberg B&B

a gathering of feet in our home for Bible Study

We call it the Sunberg B&B, Grand-Central Station, and home. Too often messy, frequently full of beautiful chaos, and yes, sometimes even conflict. Life in the midst of this yellow, terra-cotta roofed house on the edge of Budapest is full. Very full.

The past few months, we have been bursting at the seams as our 6-person home has become the transition point for many people on their way to and from ministry across the field. We put most guests in the ‘loft’, which our daughters scoffingly correct with the word ‘corridor’. This is an argument of nuances, heartfelt because two of them used it as their bedroom for the first 3 years here. In truth, there are no doors, and one wall is open to the downstairs. 

On most evenings now, we double the number of immediate family members around the table. The small living room floor transitions to table, movie theatre, and chill-space, shared with one annoying pug known as Maya and often an extra bulldog named Dude.

Chaos. Beautiful chaos. We would have it no other way.

The rolling guest list is funded by our personal resources and a hospitality fund disconnected from our deputation account. In other words, just good, old-fashioned generosity, but it’s breathing is labored at the moment.

If you would like to help support this part of our family life and ministry …. there is a ‘donate to family via paypal‘ button to the right. Your gift goes straight to our paypal account and is an absolutely practical and welcome contribution. Any little bit helps. It really does.  If Paypal is not your thing, but you would still like to give towards our hospitality budget, email us: for other easy alternatives.

See you for dinner … around 6 PM.

rain-kissed table in Slovenia


3 thoughts on “The Sunberg B&B

  1. Hi.
    My name is Alan. I am with the First Church of the Nazarene in Red Deer Alberta Canada. My wife Teresa and I are on the missions board for our church.
    Once a month we have a lunch and learn after service. We learn about all the great work that our missionaries are doing all around the world.
    One of the ways that that members of our church can get involved and support missions family’s such as yourselfs who do such amazing and wonderful work is through the LINKS program.
    I have been chosen to represent our church to make contact and find ways to support you and your family as best as we can.
    I have your LINKS profile and your field email addresses. My wife and I tried Facebook for awhile but never really got the hang of it.
    Your website might not be the best way to make contact with you but I thought I would start there.
    On behalf of our church and Christians all around the world. Thank you.
    I am leaving my email address so that you may reply if you wish.
    Once again thank you and God bless.

    1. Hi Alan. I don’t know if you will see this – I’ll email too. Thank you – your words have touched me this morning more than you know. Would you let the family in Red Deer know that their prayers are an everlasting encouragment for us? We would love to stay in touch — send photos, etc. We can do it via email.

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