a language I almost understand

As we complete leg one of our two-step flight, Polish culture begins to seep into our bones. We left an unusually sunny Budapest for a short one hour flight into the capital, Warsaw. As Colleen, Jay, and I listen to the Polish announcements, our Russian-tuned ears can almost understand the beautiful Polish language but not [...]

the great adventure: poznan, poland

My best guess is that only a few of you know where Poznan Poland is. No shame. No problem. But, consider this your invitation to become acquainted with a place on the planet about which you should know more. Over the next four days, we want to introduce you to Poznan, Poland, the Nazarene team, [...]

waiting for words

Sometimes I mark time with a blinking cursor. Tucked into a quaint corner of the Europe that I love, I ponder what to write. What story could I tell? I wonder how to express this moment that bares down on me like an IC train in full motion. All of my senses are engaged. This [...]

and that is our story

Last night we traveled to distant, much loved lands. We broke bread together and re-told the stories of redemption. It is by design that we see Jesus sitting and talking at table over and again. It is by design that the deepest symbols of love are the bread and the wine. And, that is our [...]