the great adventure: poznan, poland

IMGP7239My best guess is that only a few of you know where Poznan Poland is. No shame. No problem. But, consider this your invitation to become acquainted with a place on the planet about which you should know more.

Over the next four days, we want to introduce you to Poznan, Poland, the Nazarene team, the ministry, the coffee culture, the coffee house, the history, the people and the beauty.

At the moment, our house is in chaos as 6 Sunbergs prepare to move in 3 different directions for the weekend. But soon, we will be gliding above the heavens, winging our way to Poznan with our good friends and colleagues, Bob and Colleen Skinner, who lead the Polish work. We want to take you along. It will be the easiest trip you ever make – no packing required.

Go ahead. Get our your app and Google Earth Poznan, Poland. Do a little history search and keep checking back to this blog. You could even add it to your feed by clicking RSS right over there on the right. Each time we update, you will be notified via your email.

Just a few little tidbits to wet your appetite:

In a recent study, ranking the difficulty of languages, the hardest language to learn was …. Polish!  

#2 Hungarian, Estonian, and Finnish all 3 of which are on our CE field and one of which we are trying to learn.

#3 Russian, which the Skinners speak fluently and which we continue to try to learn and to speak. 

IMGP7224The CE Field has a group of heroes living in Poznan. Amazing and dedicated Mission Corp volunteers who are learning to live, to speak, and to reach out to Polish people through a coffee shop ministry called Sweet Surrender.

Most people cannot think of Poland without visions of Nazi atrocities. This weekend is the anniversary of Heinrich Himmler’s Poznan speeches. Himmler was a high ranking Nazi officer called ‘the architect of the final solution’. From the name, you may surmise the unthinkable. He was the mind behind the human machinery that exterminated Jewish and Roma people. To know more, follow this Himmler link.  In the midst of the time together as a team, we will be trying to learn more about the stories and the people of this devastating period in our human history.

Stay with us as we do our best to express the sights and sounds of Poznan today.

Here are just a few of the ways that you can actually participate with us this weekend:

1. Research the language, the history, and Heinrich Himmler.

2. Learn a couple of Polish phrases.

3. Pray for the Sweet Surrender coffee shop ministry, the Poznan team, the Skinners, and the hearts of Poznan folks.

4. Send us questions, either here or Facebook Teanna and we will do our best to create a conversation.

5. You can actually give a donation.

  • The hospitality button on the right goes to our Pay Pal account. If you would like to encourage the Nazarene team by buying a coffee, or even part of a meal this weekend as we pray, meet, strategize, and do our best to let God show us how to be a blessing in Poland, or to give a little chocolate to the missionary kids in Poland, you can do that through the hospitality donation button. It is not tax deductible but it will put a smile on your face. In God’s economy, there is no small donation.                                              
  • As you think hospitality, please pray for Josh Skinner , Lexi, Sophie, Lydia and Jenna.. They are on spiritual retreats this weekend with the school and we deeply desire that each of them would grow in their relationship with Christ. To treat them to a coffee this weekend, you can also use the hospitality button on the right.
  • If you would like to help support the coffee shop ministry, which is Nazarene church planting, development, and discipleship in a post-modern culture, please hit the deputation donation button on the right. This button lead you to our HQ account where you can make a direct, tax-deductible donation. We are glad to have you direct exactly how that money is invested.                                                                                                                                                                                      
    Over these next four days, we invite you to participate with us in a part of the missionary life. Check the blog, pray for us and with us for Poland, learn about this great country and the Nazarene ministry here, ask questions, and put on a coat (it’s gonna be cold). Come on. Get on board for the great Poznan adventureImagecoff.

2 thoughts on “the great adventure: poznan, poland

  1. Teanna, You are so crazy talented in your writing skills and use of modern technology! Prayings for all of you and enjoying your “virtual” mission trip! Thanks for sharing 🙂 — Jana in TX!

  2. Just heard yesterday that you were in Poland now. Already praying for you there, and happy to find your blog to keep up. Wish we could join you in person, but we are with you in our thoughts and prayers.

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