after the election – thoughts from a fellow foreigner

From my far away table in a land that did not birth me but welcomes me, I watched my home country elect its 45th president yesterday. I believe that in the aftermath, we are witnessing a seismic cultural-quake.  This is not a political post. It is a letter home from a foreigner to my Church in America. Today,  I [...]

I am THE refugee: Courage for the Journey

What happens when we meet a woman wrapped in a hijab and her name means Peace?

Three Great Reasons To Reject Refugees (and Starbucks)

Three Great Reasons To Reject Refugees (and Starbucks) Just as the  Starbucks fiasco about those blasted red mugs began to cool, Paris exploded. The Middle Eastern Refugee Crisis came barreling back. This post began as a satirical piece about the red mugs and the refugee crisis and radical Jesus, but with the division in our world right now, I did some editing.  The last thing [...]

prague in the light

prague in the light

Prague. Some say it is the Paris of the East. We sit in a coffee shop and cheerily debate over Budapest, Krakow, and Prague. 'Which city is the coolest? Explain the vibe. Most livable? Best cafe culture?' For best architecture, Prague probably wins. Every corner has a beautiful building stretching towards the sky. It earns [...]

Balkan beautiful

We are exploring Macedonia today. The seaside village of Lake Ohrid is in Macedonia and near to Albania. It has a beautiful, untouched, Balkan flavor that invites you to relish the Creator's touch. Some facts about Macedonia: 1. Population +2 million. 33% Muslim. Major religion Orthodox Christianity. 2. They use the Cyrillic alphabet and speak [...]

third space

It is a little odd, really, like God forgets the storyline

Roberta met us in the early morning at the train. The air was frosty and the landscape seemed very magical as we departed. Most travelers will continue on for another 6 hours to Bucharesti. We are happily ensconced in Dorothy's home. Coffee, toast, cereal, good company and a game or two of Bananagrams already accomplished. [...]