a day in the life of …

'What in the world do missionaries do?' A difficult question to answer.   To some, missionary is a four-letter word. For others, it is one gigantic mystery: one of those words that we know by Webster definition but beyond that, we have no real context for understanding. Sure, if we are the church-going type, we know [...]

no heroes tonight

I think that I could capture you in this season of blinking lights and I'll be home for Christmas promises. My fingers flutter above the keys as my mind stretches to capture a flittering thought, a sentence, a heartbeat in a phrase.  Writers do it all the time but I am sure that our weary world [...]

third-culture thoughts

ANOTHER WORLD It wrapped its arms around my head and pulled as the revolving door spit me into its dim realm. As the days and years passed, the not unpleasant but pungently earthy smell would become a reminder that I had left the sphere of one world and entered an inner sanctum; a sub-world, if [...]

all about obedience

A foggy, Autumn afternoon creates the perfect opportunity for photos of Fisherman's Bastion, Saint Matthias Church and Castle Hill. On this beautiful afternoon, it opens the door for some personal reflection. How obedient does God find me to be? One of my favorite Hungarian legends is of an early-century, Catholic priest from a far away [...]

turkish toilets

I have heard it recently related that the wife of an important person was hesitant to visit our part of Europe where the toilets may be Turkishly challenging and life is a little raw. She preferred the westernly ordered, pristine shopping boulevards of our European neighborhood. I have to smile at her loss as I [...]

the black butchering

'A basement turned butchery was not the ideal location for an act of treason', the thought swung through his mind in a downward torque like the handle of an axle before its blade meets flesh. After the first loud squeals had been silenced, the blackened room assumed the morbid rhythm of dismemberment. hack. SPLAT. hack. [...]

live the story

On the eve of commemorating the Hungarian Felkelés (Revolution), it may be a surprise to find this post is birthed out of a different cultural perspective. It has nothing and everything to do with Hungary and the reminder of an anti-Soviet uprising in the streets of Budapest in 1956. The story of the revolution begins [...]

борщ, budapest, and the berlin wall

  Tonight's menu is борщ (borsch) made like the Russian babas taught me at the dacha so many years ago. Almost every good memory of Moscow that I have, and there are a plethora, involve this Russian staple. Tonight, I am serving it to my family in Bulgarian pottery in our Hungarian home. Over the past [...]

silent beauty

There is a soft murmur of bed time voices mingling with the pitter patter of an autumn shower in this dark house tonight. After an eventful day in two separate countries, God has brought us home again. Sometimes we forget to be thankful for the simple things. In these days of tight budgets and busy [...]