a day in the life of …

‘What in the world do missionaries do?’

A difficult question to answer.


the church and missions

To some, missionary is a four-letter word. For others, it is one gigantic mystery: one of those words that we know by Webster definition but beyond that, we have no real context for understanding. Sure, if we are the church-going type, we know the Sunday School answer but that is still an ephemeral idea without a real body. Missionaries tell people about Jesus.

But, what does that actually look like? A day … what does one of your days look like? WHAT do you DO?





And, that is where it gets hard. Our answer, ‘No day ever looks the same. feels inadequate, leaving the one asking the questions deflated, like an old balloon.

So, here is an invitation: COME WITH us this week. Be our guest for a series called, “A Day In the Life of A Missionary.’

Check in daily for updates, photos, and reflections.

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And today, what did today look like?


Two high school literature classes.

A fast run to the Budapest airport.

A 90 minute trip with 5 ladies to Vajta, Hungary where we will be hosting the Central Europe Field Conference April 30 through May 04. People from 11 countries will come together for worship, workshops, and fellowship.

Five women who have lived in 9 countries as missionaries.

The rest of the week:

A Bible Study with the girls’ Senior class at our home — getting them ready to face the big world next year.

A city-coffee with my friend Jurga (Budapest photos and a ride on the newly opened metro system).

A visit to a trafficked-women shelter in Budapest.

Lexi’s last banquet as a senior.

And lots more!

See you later for … a day in the life of


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