mom’s losing it

mom’s losing it

There is a scene in Cheaper By the Dozen when the 7-year old twins are in search and destroy mode. In her final moments of sanity before her head blows up, the movie-mom who has birthed a dozen says in her final pre-blast off warning, "Mom's losing it." Been there. Done that. Numerous times. Every deputation [...]

so this is goodbye

You get a lot of goodbyes when you go missionary. Every other summer, we pack our bags and mixed emotions and leave our home for a summer in the States. The odd scorching days become a whirlwind of travel, speaking at churches, fast food, strange beds, long road trips, and great family memories. Along the way, [...]

on furlough

'It smells like America.' 'Everything is made for a mobile society.' 'It looks so different from Hungary.' These are some of the comments we have been hearing as we ease back in to American life. I have always wanted to capture these moments, but in the past with little girls, it took everything we had [...]

travel companions

Just past the x-ray machines, my shoes are on again and my nicely packed bags are in shambles as I look back to see my 4 girls fanning me. I have embarked upon this trip countless times in the last 23 years but I have made only one cross-Atlantic journey without some form of child [...]

capturing speed

While you cannot actually catch speed, I caught its evidence on the train in Austria. I was told the trains travel up to 300 km/h.

to munich with a friend

It is late on Wednesday evening and I have transitioned from coffee to tea. Tonight, I am enjoying Turkish apple while the girls finish their homework. There is a clarinet practice session - level 1 -happening in the background accompanied by the soft hum of the dishwasher. Another line of dirty supper plates are waiting [...]