two places

I find myself torn between the quaintness of Diosd, this small Hungarian village with a lot of German influence and the amazing life and diversity of Budapest.  To be honest, we live in both.  Our address is the last street in Budapest but the nearest anything is in Diosd.  It takes us 3 minutes to drive to school!

We spent yesterday in the city where I find the flow of people, the traffic, the rhythms of the busses and the stop lights to be energizing.  The city makes me feel.  My creativity flows with a hot cup of coffee and the world walking by.

I was motivated to run outside and snap these photos when I saw a girl with amazing rain boots waiting for the tram.  I missed her but took a moment in the freezing air to breath and to snap.  I wanted to capture that moment in the city.

Two distinct moments, two distinct places yet they blend together in a dynamic mosaic of our lives here on the Danube.

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