The Sunberg B&B

The Sunberg B&B

We call it the Sunberg B&B, Grand-Central Station, and home. Too often messy, frequently full of beautiful chaos, and yes, sometimes even conflict. Life in the midst of this yellow, terra-cotta roofed house on the edge of Budapest is full. Very full. The past few months, we have been bursting at the seams as our [...]

when death blinked first – Thursday thoughts

Live this way and you die fighting. Doubt that truth? One word .. Judas.

practical grace

Maybe our home is small but it is full of love. Too often messy but a testimony to the chaos of life and love with active girls, a wayward puppy, and the journey that the Lord has laid before us. Let's be honest, we lead unique lives and by unique, I may mean unpredictable, full, [...]

my apologies to martha stewart

HOSPITALITY. It is a table full of sarmali that took hours to wrap and the sweet tang of locally grown elderflower juice, and salata de boeuf with homemade mayonnaise. It is a table made beautiful, not by the money spent on knick knacks, but rather, by the beauty created in spite of a lack of [...]

no heroes tonight

I think that I could capture you in this season of blinking lights and I'll be home for Christmas promises. My fingers flutter above the keys as my mind stretches to capture a flittering thought, a sentence, a heartbeat in a phrase.  Writers do it all the time but I am sure that our weary world [...]

борщ, budapest, and the berlin wall

  Tonight's menu is борщ (borsch) made like the Russian babas taught me at the dacha so many years ago. Almost every good memory of Moscow that I have, and there are a plethora, involve this Russian staple. Tonight, I am serving it to my family in Bulgarian pottery in our Hungarian home. Over the past [...]

the great adventure: poznan, poland

My best guess is that only a few of you know where Poznan Poland is. No shame. No problem. But, consider this your invitation to become acquainted with a place on the planet about which you should know more. Over the next four days, we want to introduce you to Poznan, Poland, the Nazarene team, [...]

take and remember

The city beckons to us as the lights create an incandescent dance on the Chain Bridge.  Tonight we will spend a warm evening enveloped into the home of Eugenius and Jurga who have become special friends over the last 18 months.  There is a magic that can happen when people from different cultures find a [...]