come on to Zagreb!

IMGP7783It is time for another trip. Zagreb, Croatia.

Dave and Betsy, put on the coffee.

No need to pack your bags. It is a short, 3-hour drive from Budapest. Grab a drink and a snack for the ride, your passport, and let’s go.

We will be seeing Dave and Betsy Scott and their sweet cherubs JJ and Emma. The city is IMGP7782beautiful, the drive promises to be breathtaking. It is worth your time. Come on!

Zagreb is the capital city of today’s Republic of Croatia.  A former eastern bloc country that was part of Yugoslavia during the Communist era; today, Croatia is well on its way to becoming a tourist magnet. Zagreb’s streets retain an old-world Slavic flavor found in the outdoor cafes that lend themselves to long chats over a cappuccino. The coast is a beautiful array of sandy beaches and brilliantly blue Adriatic seas.

IMGP7770_2In the city, the Church of the Nazarene has begun a ministry, Qanah, dedicated to developing community through coffee, a second-hand store, and old-fashioned neighborliness.

There is so much more to say but sometimes words are not enough. Come on! Come along today. See for yourself.

Passport? Check.

Coke Zero for Jay? Check.

Kuna to pay for a coffee? Check.

Kinder Egg gifts for JJ and Emma? Check. (These are illegal in the US! Go figure!)

Humus for Dave and Betsy? Check.

Dinner is in the oven to make re-entry later tonight seamless. Now let’s go.

Come on with us to Zagreb!

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